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Monday, March 7, 2011

PKL stock gains 40% in 43 Minutes

I posted earlier today that the PKL stock was a hot buy. The price of the stock rose to $1.16 in under 43 minutes (40% gain) before closing out the day at $1.11 (34% gain). PKL is a hot stock that everyone needs to jump on. Gold is a great investment in America today. Gold is worth $1,434 per ounce and continuing to rise!


  1. Great post man. It's interesting how you jump on the stocks/investments that are at all-time highs... I'd love to chat with you about finance some time. Followed!

  2. =) I don't invest in these kind of stocks... I go for the slow-safe ones...

  3. wtf, whats happening, why is the price of gold suddenly rising so? another great steal by the american government?

  4. It is interesting that you opt to buy into stocks and commodities that are already at a high. If you don't mind me asking...

    Have you personally invested in the stocks you've recommended? It would be very interesting to see your actual portfolio, or at least more personal figures. eg. "I invested 2k at 1.14/share, then sold 1.4k worth at 1.36/share 7 hours later"

    I guess I'm curious to see if day trading like this is really and truly making people good amounts of cash, as I've generally heard it said that the vast majority of day traders are losing money.

  5. Good info! I LOVE penny stocks!

    I follow and support those who do likewise.

  6. crap! i wish i would've seen this post a week ago!